Recruiting Needs: Ne-10 East

The Ne-10 East is no longer a walk in the park to the conference championship for Pace. With 4 user teams that all have experience and are slowly recruiting awesome teams there is a bit of a stir in the conference overall. Bryant University beat Pace for the first time ever under coach Padrefan12 and new manager for LIU: Scrodz was a legend at division 3 and has experience before in the Ne-10 once leading AIC to the playoffs.  Merrimack and Bentley are pulling in excellent players and improving as they prepare to make a run. AIC had a rough 2-10 year but they always play a monster schedule.

Recruiting Needs: 

Bryant University: Running back- There is no proven guy here and 3 year starter Gary Curtis an all conference honorable mention is gone. The team loves to throw to its running backs and mix things up and returns fullback Robert Dixon. Jerome Harmon is a redshirt Junior who has been given multiple opportunities but still only holds a career 3.3 YPC average.

Tight End: Lost big time starter Jeff Smith who could block and catch when necessary. Team has 2 unproven senior tight ends who have barely played. A freshman could possibly take their job.

Offensive Line: Pretty much every team could use help here. Bryant loses 2 starters on the o-line.

Defensive Back: Lost 3 starters here that all made some sort of all conference team. They bring back shutdown corner Peter Christie and some proven backups but only have 4 guys at the position. They need depth badly.

Kicker: All American H.M Melvin King and his big leg have moved on to the CFL. Big need here.

AIC: Defensive Line: The team’s only all conference player was senior Joe Brooks who was 2nd in the conference in sacks. They bring back 2 starters but lack experience at the other spots and depth as well.

Runningback: Mark Bolton ran for over 1,500 yards last year and is a stud but the team currently only has 3 runningbacks on the roster and this guy is a senior.

Bentley: Defensive Backs: The team lost one of the best in John Johnson who made plays all over the field, and Donald Porter who was solid at cornerback. James Leonard, Luis Jones, and Raymond Nelson come back with 4 years of starting experience between them but literally the only other player is a redshirt freshman. These guys should be excellent this year but they do need to build for the future.

Wide Receiver: They lost an honorable mention receiver and don’t have much depth right now. Paul Kennedy is talented but can he handle being a number 1 target?

Long Island U: Quarterback: Only 2 and they both have no experience. May take a year or two to get off the ground but the potential is there.

Runningback: Lost former player of the year Gregory Stafford. Jacob Guerrero is solid but he needs a solid backup who can eventually take over and have more upside.

Linebacker: They have guys but only one starter returns in Tommy Adams. Freshmen are candidates to start at LB.

Merrimack: Offensive Line: This group is battle-tested but not necessarily ridiculously talented. They have youth here but they need some guys who can push them for their jobs to make them better, or to take over.

Defensive Line: This group has underachieved a bit but Luis Rowland is among the more talented junior d-lineman. Losing Tim Byers a 2nd team all conference player hurts. Again they have guys but are they ready?

So. Conn: Quarterback: A freshman could start here with reports out of camp. The QB’s look rough.

Wide Receiver/Tight End: John Mays is an animal at WR. But they need other options to throw to with potentially an inexperienced guy under the helm.






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