Recruiting Needs: NE-10 West

The NE-10 West is home to favorite Pace University and upstart St. Anselm. Assumption usually plays pretty well and is no pushover and always could make a push. Jguida and BroncoRon look to bring their teams back to winning records for another season and also hope to be in playoff contention. The two schools have quite the rivalry with St. A’s upsetting Pace’s undefeated record at one time twice in a row. They have made the playoffs a few times recently but like Bryant have not done any damage. The conference is changing but the Pace Setters are the favorites heading into the year.

Pace: Quarterback: Edward Carpenter was excellent but was a senior and his starting career was short lived. Jguida was not impressed with his freshman QB’s of last year but they are sophomores now and might finally be ready. If not Pace should be able to recruit some talent, maybe we will see a talented Frosh out there.

Wide Receiver: This group is obviously talented but there are no sophomores or redshirt freshmen, leaving a need for a future receiving corps.

Defensive/Offensive line: Mostly just for depth.

St. A’s: Wide Receiver/QB: This team is an amazing running team but they need to develop a passing game and their top receiver only caught 18 balls last year. Quarterback Robert Martin is a junior and has thrown only 68 passes over the past 2 years.

Assumption: Offensive Line: Only have 5 underachievers right now. Not 1 of them started all 13 games last year.

Linebacker: Have some talent in James Fleming and Thomas Johnson but they only have 3 total linebackers and all are upperclassmen.

Concord: Defensive Line: Lacks stud players. John Sparks the only one capable of pressuring the QB with 9 sacks. Need to bring in some guys here.

Linebacker: Talent here, but 6 upperclassmen that eventually need replacements groomed.

Fairmont State: Wide Receiver/ Tight End: Only 3 combined touchdowns from the 6 players on the roster.

Defensive Back: Very very inexperience, and thin. Could be eaten alive by good passing teams.

Stonehill: Quarterback: Two seniors currently are the top 2.

Runningback: Have 3 juniors competing for the job after losing an all conference player.

D-Line: Lacking big time playmakers.


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