Talking With a Player: Jose Gardner, Sophomore CB at Bryant U

Interviewer: Hello Jose. Congrats on making the playoffs and winning the Ne-10 last year. How do you think that momentum rolls into this season?

Jose Gardner: Well it stings because we came off a close loss in the playoffs. It was awesome beating Pace for the first time but hurt seeing them make a run. We felt we would of saw them again in the playoffs but hey it just wasn’t meant to be. We had a good year last year but the past is the past and we just want to be better.

I: Whats it like roaming the defensive backfield at Bryant Stadium?

J: Well alot of really good defensive backs have came out of here. Jose Church was a beast last year and I was referred to as Jos B hahaha! He had a mini camp tryout with the Patriots though he’s the real deal I learned alot from him and Josh and David we are gunna miss them. We have the talent this year though believe me, we have hands like glue and hit like trucks. Overall though this is a pretty historical team and a tough tough conference, its awesome playing here.

I: How is coach Shane(Padrefan12)’s outlook for this season and how has camp been?

J: Camp is the same we come in work 110 percent and we lift and study and relax. All football right now until school starts and we work on our studies. He’s hard on us but gives us alot of responsibility and respect. There’s alot of trust between the whole team, that’s what helps make us good. Not only are we big, bad, and fast- but we’re smart and united as well. Coach looks at the season one game at a time but you know he wants back in the conference championship game and back in the playoffs and we all do. Its hard to not think about it but I know we’re coming for it!

I: Last one Jose, what teams/players are you looking out for this year?

J: Every single team can win any Saturday, I’ll have my head on a swivel and be ready to play. John Caldwell is a crazy matchup problem as tight end at Pace. We don’t play St.A’s this year but their backfield is tough as nails.

I: And who should other teams look out for on your team?

J: Our defensive line I think its the best in the country at D2. They get to the quarterback and really help us out. And obviously watch out for William (Wood) dude is crazy competitive, makes us so much better on defense.

I: Thanks for your time Jose.


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